Why Choose Us

Electrical Sales Corporation has been providing "peace of mind in telecommunications" for over 60 years, building a reputation in the Greater New Orleans area for high quality and exceptional service.  Both new customers and those we have worked with for years will attest to Electrical Sales' innovative and professionally complete solutions.

Stability:  Electrical Sales Corporation is a locally owned and operated company that has been in business since 1949.  Over the years, Electrical Sales has maintained an informed and well-trained technical staff and provided a high-level of performance that results in complete customer satisfaction.
Industry Expertise:   Electrical Sales Corporation services hundreds of small and medium sized businesses throughout the Greater New Orleans area.  With years of experience, Electrical Sales has built a telecommunications knowledge base within certain industries, such as legal, medical, educational, accounting and retail, which may be beneficial to your business.  Electrical Sales knows and understands what it takes to meet the demands of today’s businesses.  

Exceptional Service:  While others TALK about service, Electrical Sales DELIVERS service. The response time from Electrical Sales Corporation to you as a business customer is tops in the industry.  Electrical Sales Corporation employs eight certified technicians and the ratio of sales people to technical people is unlike anything in the local market.  When it comes to service, just ask their customers.  Electrical Sales will provide you an extensive list of references and we encourage you to call them - all! 

Technical Experience: The Electrical Sales technicians are factory trained and certified and have an average of 20 or more years of industry experience .

Product Quality:  The partnerships chosen by Electrical Sales Corporation are nationally recognized in the telecommunications industry for their innovative, technical success.  The products sold by Electrical Sales are built to last and provide a solution tailored to customers' individual needs.  

Cost Savings:  In addition to being competitively priced, Electrical Sales Corporation does not charge customers with maintenance contracts for software changes that can be done via remote dial-up, such as name changes and voice mail resets.  Additionally, as part of the maintenance program, ongoing end-user training is included for the life of the system.  Electrical Sales Corporation wants the customer to get the most out of their system and beleives that is only possible with thorough training.