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Support Website:
Web Portal Login:
Customer Support Telephone Number:  1-800-600-5050

Customer Support Local: (504) 304-1700
Customer Support Toll Free: 866-396-3947
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Main Website:
Support Website:
Customer Support Telephone Number: 1-800-829-0420
RACF (Remote Access Call Forwarding) Instructions:  
Access Number: 504-526-2964
To Activate or Deactivate Call Forwarding:
-Dial the access number
-When prompted to enter your mailbox ID, enter the 10 digit telephone number with RACF followed by the # key
-You will then be prompted to enter your passcode, the default passcode is 123456#
To change your call forwarding options, press 4 from the Main Menu
Call Forwarding Sub Menu:
To activate call forwarding, press 1
To deactivate your call forwarding, press 2
To change your forwarding destination, press 3
To listen to your forwarding status, press 4
To return to the previous menu, press *
To repeat this menu, press #