Features by Desktop Client

The Desktop Client is your way of interacting with your telecommunications system without ever touching your physical phone.

Mitel Connect Client:

The sleek user interface, sets a new high-water mark for a natural, collaborative experience. Connect client offers a single, elegant way to quickly and efficiently control your business phones, contacts, instant messaging, conferencing, scheduling, video calling and collaboration.

ShoreTel Connect Client:


The ShoreTel Connect user interface presents a single interface to manage business communications using a ShoreTel desk phone, computer, or mobile phone. With support for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Collaboration for Web, the Connect client simplifies your day-to-day communications and streamlines your work.

ShoreTel 14.2

ShoreTel Communicator simplifies your day-to-day communications, streamlines your work, and makes it easier to stay in the loop by putting intuitive communication and collaboration tools at your fingertips. ShoreTel Communicator for Windows also integrates with Microsoft Outlook.