Professional Services

Whether you provide architectural, design, engineering, legal, or IT services, your information technology impacts your ability to compete head-on in today's market, and to address rising client expectations. Services from Electrical Sales Corporation provide organizations of all types and sizes communications tools needed to excel in their field. When users can collaborate easily — both at the office, and on the go — teams become more productive, and communication has more impact.

Electrical Sales Corporation supports the communications for 70% of the top 50 law firms in the New Orleans metro area!

"We have found over the years that that Electrical Sales has the consistent and proven depth of knowledge to resolve the complex issues of communications.  They designed, configured, installed and maintain our telephones, voicemail, communication server, infrastructure, Faxes and communication lines.  Going the extra mile, they designed and installed the audio / video in our conference rooms.  When a direct lightning strike took down part of our system, Electrical Sales replace the 24 damaged phones in less than 4 hours.  Rock solid service."

Bill Provensal
Chief Operating Officer
Baldwin Haspel Burke & Meyer